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Monday, 15 February 2021

Out Of Time

This blog’s a little overdue, because last week saw the publication of the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine. Not only did it include the latest instalment of the not yet erstwhile Blogs of Doom but there was a little book packaged with it, called Doctor Who: The Library of Time. It contained the opening chapters of the various Doctor Who novelisations which are being published by BBC Books in March and an introduction by yours truly.

It was quite a brief. Write something introducing a disparate selection of stories of Doctors four to nine, eleven and thirteen. My first idea – the obvious idea – to have the Doctor telling her companions stories to pass the time during a TARDIS lockdown was no good, as it had already been done elsewhere (and how could I justify her telling Graham, Ryan and Yaz about a story they were in?).  So I  had to come up with a more imagination solution – a short story with a title that could be used as a title for the collection itself. And one day history will relate quite how heroically rapidly I did it.

But, yes, I’ve written two and a bit pages of a Doctor Who Target book. Does it count? Does it mean that my name can be added to the pantheon of authors, like Terrance Dicks, Malcolm Hulke, Brian Hayles and Alison Bingeman? Well, it does in my house. It’s as close as I’m ever going to get!

So, rush out and buy issue 561 of Doctor Who magazine from your nearest WH Smiths' now!