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Thursday, 23 January 2020

Don't Stop Movin

Yesterday, while I was off on a long walk to Basingstoke, Big Finish released my latest Doctor Who story, Chase the Night. It features the fourth Doctor Who, as portrayed by Tom Baker, along with Romana (Lalla Ward), Adric (Matthew Waterhouse) and K-9 (John Leeson). The adventure is set during the ‘E-Space’ excursion of Season 18 and features Jane Asher (!!!) in its guest cast.

I’ve blithered on about the story’s inspirations elsewhere, in Big Finish’s Vortex newsletter and Doctor Who Magazine, and if you buy the story you may find me blithering even more in the bonus features. So I’ll refrain from blithering here too; it’s a fast-paced, thrilling ‘hard’ science-fiction adventure, intended to be as authentic to the era as possible while also doing a few things differently. I think I did a great job with the script; sometimes with these things they end up falling short of your ambitions, just because great ideas don’t always pan out into great stories no matter how hard you work on them, but in this case I think the idea took flight and ended up even better than expected.

The announcement of the release can be found here and it can be ordered here.

Saturday, 11 January 2020

It Always Comes As A Surprise

 I have three bits in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, available now from all good newsagents and as a kind of deluxe special edition from WH Smiths.

My three bits; the answers to last issue’s Christmas quiz, the 27th instalment of The Blogs of Doom (some people thought it had been dropped; sorry!) and an article on the ten greatest Master reveals. It’s to tie in with recent events in the TV series; except, I didn’t know this when I wrote it. I just thought the magazine was celebrating 49 glorious years of the Master or had uncovered a new interview with Roger Delgado or something. I don’t question these things! The other challenge with writing about the ten greatest Master reveals is that there are only really four or five of them; every ‘surprise’ appearance of the Master during the Pertwee era was blown by the character being listed in the Radio Times. Looking back at it, I kind of wish I’d mentioned The Mutants somewhere, as I am convinced the build-up to the arrival of the Earth Council Investigator in part five is there to make viewers think it’s gonna be the Master. 

Friday, 3 January 2020

Sittin' On My Sofa

A new year, a new decade, and I have an article in the new Doctor Who Magazine 2020 Yearbook. It’s about the 1999 Comic Relief story The Curse of Fatal Death, and includes new interviews with writer Steven Moffat and producer Sue Vertue, as well as Stephen Cranford, Ashley Nealfuller and David Clarke, the fans who built the TARDIS console prop and operated the Daleks. It contains lots of previously unreported info and features lots of hitherto unseen photographs.

The magazine also has loads of other stuff in it; a tribute to Terrance Dicks, interviews  with the new series’ stars, stuff about the Terry Nation Army documentaries (which I help out with from time to time) and loads more. I would say it’s available from all good newsagents but apparently it has yet to hit the shelves of some outlets so you may have to seek out particularly good good newsagents.