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Monday, 31 August 2015

All I Want

A couple of years ago, just before the miraculously-recovered second episode of The Underwater Menace was screened at Missing Believed Wiped, I was... um... tipped off that it might have been discovered. My delight and excitement were slightly allayed by the fact that, off the top of my head, I couldn’t think of anything that happened in it apart from a bit where the Doctor blows up a small pot. I felt like a bad fan. I’d let myself down, I’d let fandom down.

So because I have no work to do this morning, I thought I’d do the most fun thing in the world and make a list. Every missing Doctor Who episode – and the bit in it I’d most like to see.

Obviously there are lots of other exciting bits in the episodes I’d like to see, I’d like to see all of them including the exciting bits I know nothing about, but I have limited myself to one per episode.

Here goes. Hartnell first.

The Roof of the World – Marco Polo’s animated map.
The Singing Days – Susan and Ping-Cho lost in the sandstorm, being found by Tegana.
Five Hundred Eyes – Ping-Cho’s recitation.
The Wall of Lies – The mystery of the hidden door.
Rider from Shang-Tu – Wang-Lo!
Mighty Kublai Khan – The Doctor kow-towing to Kublai Khan.
Assassin at Peking – The Doctor and Kublai Khan playing backgammon.
The Tyrant of France – The Doctor meeting Robespierre.
A Bargain of Necessity – Jules coming to the rescue in the church crypt.
The Knight of Jaffa – Barbara being chased through the streets of Lydda.
The Warlords – Ibrahim the bandit.
Four Hundred Dawns – The Chumbley trying to enter the TARDIS.
Trap of Steel – Vicki throwing a rock at a Chumbley.
The Exploding Planet – The cliffhanger of Garvey in the jungle.
Mission to the Unknown – Alien delegates!
Temple of Secrets – Odysseus and Agamemnon!
Small Prophet, Quick Return – Priam and Cassandra!
Death of a Spy – The Doctor inside the Trojan horse.
Horse of Destruction – Vicki’s final scene.
The Nightmare Begins – Roald and Lizan watching the Space News.
Devil’s Planet – The Screamers.
The Traitors – The death of Katarina.
Coronas of the Sun – The Visians become visible when exterminated.
The Feast of Steven – The Christmas greeting.
Volcano – The TARDIS landing during a cricket match.
Golden Death – The Monk’s TARDIS tries out different disguises.
The Abandoned Planet – Alf Roberts as Malpha.
The Destruction of Time – Sara aging to death.
War of God – Emma Thompson’s dad as Gaston.
The Sea Beggar – Steven scales the outside of the Abbot’s house.
Priest of Death – The Abbot of Amboise.
Bell of Doom – The Doctor’s soliloquy.
The Celestial Toyroom – Dodo seeing herself (in school uniform) the day her mother died.
The Hall of Dolls – The booby-trapped chairs.
The Dancing Floor – Sergeant Rugg and Mrs Wiggs locked in a dance together, turning into dolls.
The Savages 1 – Nanina!
The Savages 2 – The lengthy transference process.
The Savages 3 – Steven facing Exorse in the tunnels.
The Savages 4 – The destruction of the laboratory.
The Smugglers 1- Location filming! In Cornwall!
The Smugglers 2 – Ben and Polly trick young Tom.
The Smugglers 3 – The Doctor tricks Jamaica by pretending to read his fortune.
The Smugglers 4 – The drunken fight between the pirates and the militia.
The Tenth Planet 4 – The Cyberman mystery.