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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Take That Look Off Your Face

Quick update. Too busy to blog.

Here’s the cover of my forthcoming Dark Shadows dramatic reading, The Blind Painter.

You can order it and hear the trailer here. I've blogged about it in a little more detail here.

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out Thursday 10 March, features a comic strip written by me called Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. It features some quite fabulous artwork by the legendary David A Roach – who is legendary for doing the artwork for Judge Anderson, amongst other things – and it’s beautifully coloured by James Offredi. I think it may be my favourite one so far, it starts spooky and ends up somewhere else entirely. It reminds me of the old Sapphire & Steel comic strips from Look-In and I’m not hinting or anything Steven but it’s a story that could be done on television very, very cheaply. And it features Amy dressed as a nurse.