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Friday, 6 March 2009

I Love You (But You're Boring)

Whenever I’m deciding which CD to listen to – a fraught, complex and painstaking process – there are always certain CDs I skip. It’s odd. They’re like blind spots. Albums which I’ve bought, usually out of completism, but which I never seem to get round to listening.

A lot if it is arse-end of Britpop stuff; Blur’s last album, the Tears album, Ian Broudie’s solo album, Jarvis Cocker’s solo album. I think I’ve listened to each of them a maximum of once, and they made so little impression on me, I’ve never been able to summon up the enthusiasm to given them a second try. I think I did, once, manage to give Suede’s final album a second try, but to be honest I’d rather just listen to their earlier b-sides for the squillionth time. I also haven’t managed to listen to Oasis’ one-before-last album all the way through; until I have I’m not allowed to buy their latest one.

There’s also synthpop stuff. The Human League’s Romantic?, which still has its ‘£1’ sticker on the front. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to get more than twenty seconds into any of the tracks on it; the incredibly tacky production and instrumentation always puts me off. The same goes for a lot of Sparks’ 80’s stuff – I’d probably quite enjoy it if I could get past all the Casio synthesizers.

There’s other stuff. Paul Simon’s last album, which I remember enjoying, but which suffers the great misfortune of not having been recorded during the 1970’s. And the last Magnetic Fields album, Distortion. I love the Maggies, but boy oh boy it was a disappointment. Potentially great songs that sound like they were recorded inside a giant bucket.

One day I’ll get round to listening to all these albums. But... not today.


  1. Yer a cock. "A New Morning" - well, I'm not an advocate for its overlooked magnificence or anything, but it's decent and (if in an autumnal mood) can occasionally be rather marvellous. "Romantic?" - fuckin' ace. Better than "Dare" every time.

    Right there with you on "Here Come The Tears", though. An awful lot of misguided people who probably never even bought it will have been expecting "Dog Man Star 2", not "These Wouldn't Even Have Made B-Sides In The Head Music Era".

    D x

  2. After reading the Suede biography, I went back and tried to give ANM a listen, comparing the different versions of the tracks. The most striking thing about it was that the band took so long to end up with songs which only sounded very slightly different from the ones they had started with. All the new stuff done for the greatest hits - Attitude, Golden Gun, LTWYL - is vastly better. If only the silly sods hadn't decided to split up, the silly sods.

  3. Clearly you need to give Jarvis a second chance.