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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Scream Thy Last Scream

Plug time. And it’s a three-in-one.

Plug one. The second series of Jago & Litefoot has been released by Big Finish. It comes as a box-set featuring four adventures with the Victorian Investigators of Infernal Incidents, as so splendidly portrayed by Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter. The box-set comprises of the adventures Litefoot And Sanders by Justin Richards, The Necropolis Express by Mark Morris (no relation), The Theatre Of Dreams by me, and The Ruthven Inheritance by Andy Lane. I’ve given my story a listen and can assure you that it maintains the extremely high standards of production of the first series and that I am absolutely delighted with it. If it goes down well, who knows, maybe they’ll ask me back to write another one. Order it here.

Plug two: The 430rd issue of Doctor Who Magazine is hitting newsstands. It features part one of a two-part comic strip written by me called The Screams Of Death and drawn by the marvellous Dan McDaid. It looks absolutely stunning, all terribly atmospheric; it’s set in 19th century Paris and is a more-or-less traditional gothic story. I daresay I’ll witter on about the themes and inspirations at some later date. Suffice it to say there’s a fair old whack of Trilby by George Du Maurier in there, along with one or two or maybe even three references to Tintin. Buy it and be chilled to the core.

Plug three: The Big Finish website has just announced the forthcoming release of my Dark Shadows audio adventure, The Blind Painter, starring Roger Davis as Charles Delaware Tate and Nicola Bryant as Eloise. I’ll be plugging it again nearer the time. The story is a spooky character piece. Dark Shadows, if you’re not aware of it, was a supernatural soap opera broadcast in the US during the late 1960s, the sort of show destined to become a cult. What it lacked in production values it more than made up for with spooky thrills and some outrageous plots; an average episode is liable to feature ghosts, vampires, werewolves, warlocks, witches, time-travel, parallel universes and gypsy curses. Order The Blind Painter here.

Plug four. My next Doctor Who audio play, The Crimes Of Thomas Brewster, will be out later this month... oh, I did promise I’d only do three plugs. Maybe some other time.