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Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Booklovers

A friend a mine spotted the above recommendation in the Manchester branch of Waterstones. Woohoo!

So far, reaction to the Touched By An Angel book has been extremely positive. My reaction to the reaction is about 10% delight and 90% relief.

Apparently my latest Doctor Who audio, the Companion Chronicle, Tales From The Vault, is now being sent out to subscribers. Exciting.

Thing I should have mentioned a while ago. At the Big Finish Day I was interviewed by The Doctor Who Podcast, which can be found here. You have to click the MP3 Download thing on the right and then open the file. I start nattering about 39 minutes in.

And secondly, over on the actual Big Finish site there's a podcast with behind-the-scenes stuff from a Doctor Who audio I wrote back in my dim and distant youth called Max Warp. When you get to the website there's a little control panel under 'RSS Feeds' where you press play. They start nattering about it 6 minutes in.

And finally, can somebody please tell me why blogger keeps on adding '' to my posts? Answers via twitter please.