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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Valley Of No Return

Hello, happy new year, and welcome back. Lots of writing to do so I’ll be brief.

Monday this week saw the (download) release of the Doctor Who: Lost Stories box set which includes the story The Valley Of Death, written by yours truly, based on a storyline by Philip Hinchcliffe, and starring Tom Baker as the Doctor and Louise Jameson as his companion Leela. I’ve written about it previously, but have now heard the finished production. Which is utterly fabulous. Tom is on great form, the sound design and music are magnificent, and it all feels fresh and funny whilst also having that authentic ‘1977’ feel.

It’s not quite as serious as the other story in the box-set, The Foe From The Future (by John Dorney, based on a storyline by Robert Banks Stewart, and with yours truly as script editor) and is a lighter, blockbuster-y romp, more in the vein of tales like The Android Invasion and The Hand Of Fear. The physical version of the box-set will no doubt be materializing shortly.

Out today is the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, which includes a 9 (!) page article by yours truly, a ‘Fact Of Fiction’ on the 2006 story Love & Monsters. The story is a particular favourite of mine, which is why I volunteered to research it, and I think I found a few new and interesting things to say about it – not least because the story’s author, Russell T Davies, very kindly agreed to answer a few questions about it. It’s the first time an author has been interviewed for a ‘Fact Of Fiction’, so kudos to Russell for breaking new ground.

Out soon is the latest issue of the Doctor Who fanzine Nothing At The End Of The Lane, a magazine focussing on the old series which comes out roughly once every six years. I have made a very small contribution to it – some thoughts on a rejected Brian Hayles story outline – and am lucky enough to have been sent an advance copy of the fanzine. It includes all sorts of wonders for fans of the show, including new off-screen photos from missing episodes and various other surprises. An essential purchase for fans of the original show, you will soon be able to order it from this website.

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