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Friday, 20 June 2014

The Boy In The Bubble

After reading the excellent interview with m’colleague Simon Guerrier here, I was reminded that, just as he had originally written his Destiny of the Doctor adventure Shadow of Death to feature a cameo from the eleventh Doctor (the Matt Smith one), I’d done the same with my story in the same series, Babblesphere (previously blogged about here).

When I wrote the first draft, I was under the impression that each story would be introduced by the eleventh Doctor. So this is how he might’ve introduced mine:

Stop! Pay attention! And please put that thing down! Yes, that thing you’re pretending not to look at, that thing you’re secretly tapping-away-on when you think nobody’s looking. Because I need you to listen to what happened to me a few regenerations ago, when I was travelling with Romana. The posh one. Well, all the Romanas were posh. The one who looked a bit like the blonde one out of ABBA. That one. Anyway, when I was travelling with her, we went to this planet where the whole secretly-tapping-when-you-should-be-paying-attention thing had got completely out of hand. In fact, the situation had become so desperate there was only one person in the whole cosmos who could possibly save the day. No, not Romana. Me!


And this is what his cameo at the end would’ve been like. It’s a bit of a spoiler so maybe click away now if you haven’t heard it. Most of this dialogue was used as direct speech in the story.


Hello there! Sorry about dropping in on you like this, realise you’ve got your hands full and all that, but – ooh, Romana! Haven’t seen you for ages! This takes me back! When I had the hair and the mad, scary eyes! And the scarf and the coat with all the capacious pockets. Those were the days! The Nimon, Vesuvius, Zodaal and Scaroth, the last of the Jagaroth! Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Important. You’re about to knock out the computer thing. Well, just to ask that you don’t actually destroy it. If you could stick it somewhere safe, then I’ll remember where you put it, and pick it up later. Don’t forget where you put it, or I won’t know where to find it! Now if I recall correctly, which I think do, I was in the process of overwhelming the computer thing with a barrage of pointless facts. So just to help you out, I’ll throw some of my own into the mix. Top five monsters! Number five, Ice Warriors. Ice Warriors are cool. Literally. That’s why they’re cool. Number four, has to be the Ood. Number three, the Mandrils. Number two, the Bandrils. And number one, bit of a surprise, the Chumblies! There, I think that may just have tipped the balance!

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