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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Glamour Puss

Quick blog to promote a few things I have coming up.

Out this month is the second series of Vienna, the sci-fi adventure series I created, starring Chase Masterson. It consists of three stories; Tabula Rasa by James Goss (every sci-fi series has an episode called Tabula Rasa, it’s obligatory), Underworld by Cavan Scott and The Vienna Experience by me. It’s more high-concept twisty-turning mind-bending stuff, Philip-K-Dick-meets-another-Philip-K-Dick-from-the-future-that’s-actually-a-robot. James’s and Cavan’s stories are extremely ingenious and clever and original, and my story was inspired by phone hacking, so there you go.

You can listen to the trailer here but more importantly you should also pre-order it!

A third series is almost literally in the pipeline, I’ve read the scripts and it’s going to be very, very good. You can pre-order that too!

(Another very, very good script I’ve read is the Vienna episode from The Worlds Of Big Finish. I’m not actually involved with this release but I’m going to plug it anyway, so there. You can pre-order it here.)

Out next month is another Doctor Who story, called The Entropy Plague. Now, it’s hard to know quite what to say about this, really, as almost anything could be a potential spoiler. But there are two things. The lovely fans over on Gallifrey Base have been bemoaning the lack of ‘experimental’ stories in recent times; well, for me at least, this story was a bit experimental. I mean, it’s not a story that you can listen to played backwards as well as forwards, it doesn’t have an episode entirely in Swahili, it’s not that experimental, but – and this is what I think fans really mean when they say they want ‘experimental’ stuff – it does stuff that hasn’t been done in Doctor Who before, at least to my knowledge. Which is, as I’ve said elsewhere, kind of the whole appeal of writing Doctor Who anyway; that you’re trying to tell stories different from the previous however-many stories.

(Yes, I know, Revenge of the Swarm, but for me, that was doing something different too)

Anyway, I think it’s one of my best ones - The Entropy Plague – I think I did a very good job with the script, and I’m very excited to hear the finished article. It has new monsters, it’s not about bringing back any foes from yesteryear, it’s not a sequel to any old stories. So hopefully people will like it.

You can listen to the trailer here but more importantly you should also pre-order it! 

Coming up in July is another Doctor Who, We Are The Daleks. As it’s a way off I’ll not say anything about it just now, except that, once again, it’s me trying to do something different from what has gone before. It’s not like any other Dalek story. I think my last Dalek story – The Curse Of Davros – did new stuff with the metal meanies, and this one does too. The story was inspired by an article I wrote for Doctor Who Magazine last year (under the same title) exploring the appeal of the Daleks and what they represent. So you have been warned – this story is actually about stuff. And it’s not a sequel to any specific story either.

You can pre-order it here.

(I also have some other stories coming up - Jago & Litefoot: The Flying Frenchmen, Doctor Who: Damaged Goods and Doctor Who: Cloisters Of Terror, along with some things I've script-edited. I will blog about them some other time, but please click on the links to read the blurbs and pre-order them!)

And finally, speaking of Doctor Who Magazine, I’ve just finished my latest The Fact Of Fiction on the 2005 story Rose, which will come out to celebrate its ten-year anniversary. It’s packed full of new facts, it might be my best one yet.


  1. One month to go until Entropy Plague. It's gonna be a kleenex-and-tea session for that tiny pocket of fandom where Nyssa-fans congregate. We've been bracing for this for so long. We certainly can't say you didn't warn us with the foreshadowing (so much so that I'm suspicious; BF is NEVER this explicit about what's going to happen in advance!) Whatever happens, thank you for launching the arc of older!Nyssa. There aren't enough older female characters in SF, and fast forwarding Nyssa has been magical, letting Sarah show off her range a little more. Giving Nyssa decades of experience has reenforced the sense that she's Five's Romana, the companion he trusts almost as a colleague. That's a wonderful dynamic. Also, having her grow old brings some of us full circle. Those of us girl geeks who were too young to catch Zoe and Liz had Nyssa to emulate and identify with back in the day, and now she's almost caught up with us again: still prettier and smarter and more badass than we are, of course, but it's lovely to have her age with us. I deeply appreciate your giving Nyssa a post-Terminus future, even if it's a heart-wrencher.

  2. Hiya,

    I very much hope you enjoy The Entropy Plague. I've had one person say reading the script moved them to tears so hopefully that will come across in the finished product (so much depends on the performances, direction and post-production).

    I have always loved writing the character of Nyssa. Sarah Sutton is one of the best actors that Big Finish have; she is utterly reliable, always gives a strong performance, but also rises to every challenge. With The Entropy Plague I've tried to give her the best possible story.

    Thank you for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated.