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Thursday, 7 February 2019


Three things.

First. Out today, there’s a new issue of DWM, featuring another of my Blogs of Doom. This time the blog is by Meglos, the antagonist of the widely-disputed classic story ‘Meglos’. How many shows could tell a story about a villainous potted cactus? He’s a prickly customer and no mistake.

Secondly. The first Missy boxset has also just been released. It contains three great stories and my very own effort, the conclusion of the four, called The Belly of the Beast. (It’s working title was The Mines of Terror, in tribute to the old BBC Micro computer game, but sanity prevailed). It’s a bit of a strange one, I think – it’s quite hard to write a story with a villain as the hero and not end up with a strange story. I’ve wittered on about it elsewhere so I won’t bore you with details, you can just order it here.

 Thirdly, there’s now a blurb for my forthcoming UNIT story, part of the Incursions box set, called This Sleep of Death. Here it is:

Abbey Marston. UNIT’s dark secret. A place where the laws of space and time, life and death, can be suspended. Where remembering the departed has consequences… When UNIT faces a threat from a dead man, Kate has no choice but to return to Abbey Marston once more, to disturb the sleep of death. But the Static are waiting…

It can be pre-ordered here.

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