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Monday, 12 January 2009

The One And Only

I’m not the first Jonathan Morris to have a blog. In fact, I’m not even the first Jonathan David Morris to have a blog. Up until last April, there was another JDM, in the US of Stateside, blogging terribly insightful things about American politicians and so forth. I only found about him when he wrote here most amusingly about the frustration of having the same nomenclature as me. And as Father Jonathan David Morris, who, to say the least, holds some opinions with which I differ. He’s even argued with my hero Richard ‘Well That About Wraps It Up For God’ Dawkins!

He’s not the only Jonny D Morris out there. There’s another who writes books about Shakespeare, whose career will no doubt be ruined should I ever start writing books about Shakespeare too. Plus, of course, there’s the actor from Bread and the guy who did the bear with the sore head on Animal Magic...

It’s such a bore having the same name as someone famous. Oh, the tedious ritual of being introduced to people, for them to go ‘What, like the actor out of Bread?’ Or even worse, ‘Really? Can you do your tetchy penguin voice?’ As though having the same name as a famous person mystically confers upon you their abilities. It’s like they can’t help themselves, can’t resist the temptation to make the most obvious, fatuous remark.

But the way I look at it, it can take hours, even days, to find out if someone is a complete idiot who isn’t worth knowing, but thanks to having the same name as somebody else who used to be on television, I get to find out straight away. It’s a real time-saver.

Just remember that the next time you ask me if I’ve seen Terry Nutkins recently.

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