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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Secret Messages

It’s odd writing these entries, because at the moment, the fact that I have a blog is a secret. So if you are reading this that must mean I persevered with the blog for a while longer, and eventually told people about it, or they found out about it, and you’re so bored you’ve decided to look through the archive posts to pass the time.

The reason why is, you get so many blogs which are embarked upon in a fit of determination which become sporadic and perfunctory as the bloggist’s enthusiasm wanes. I don’t want that the happen here. I want to know I have enough things to say to keep a blog bouncing along before I invite scrutiny.

Because, as in so many things, my main priority is in trying to avoid looking like a berk. I’m not saying other people’s blogs make them look like berks. I’m saying that looking-like-a-berk is a state of affairs I avoid by the narrowest of margins at the best of times. One false step and... oh, what a berk I do look.

I have no fixed timescale in mind. Maybe two weeks, a month, and then I’ll let friends know. Then hopefully this blog will be linked to others that people actually read and appreciate, and word will gradually get out without fanfare. And then people will check out this blog, decide it is quite possibly the most tedious, unnecessary and berk-brained thing they have ever read, and either give up or bookmark it for precisely that reason.

But it’s odd, at the moment, sending these words out into oblivion. Tapping to myself, basically. Writing the words that no-one will hear. Whether that state of affairs ever changes... well, if I give up, I’ve only wasted ten minutes a day.

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  1. Not bored: procrastinating. There's a subtle difference, and it's a half-written script with a worrying lacuna where the exciting bits should be.

    Demons hasn't improved, but the husband fancies the lead so I'm stuck with it.