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Monday, 30 November 2009


Catch up time on blogs again. Today I’ve written a blog for today, plus the previous four:

Girls & Boys
Hebrides Overture
Hard Headed Woman

Still not sure what to do about the big for the first half of November. I think I’ll go back and fill some days with the ‘rainy day’ blogs I wrote earlier this year, and fill some other days with reviews of things I mean to get around to reviewing, and point out new stuff as and when it gets posted up. It would be nice, at the end of the year, to have 365 blogs, one per day, wouldn’t it?

Spent the weekend back in Somerset with my parents. Had a lovely time, as I always do, though as always I had the allergy problem. The allergy problem is this; whenever I stay with my parents, I start sneezing. Particularly when I’m in bed at night, my nose gets blocked up and runny and it prevents me from sleeping more than a couple of hours per night, so I end up all grumpy and short-tempered. After another day or so, my eyes start itching. A few more days, and I get irritated skin.

This has been the case ever since I first went away to university; it would be the same pattern whenever I returned home. I’m not sure what the allergy is against; possibly oilseed rape, as there’s a hell of a lot of it around there. Or some other pollen. I don’t get the sneezing anywhere else; it’s not dogs, the local water, or an allergy to “fresh air” as my dad thinks. I’ve tried anti-histamines, to no effect. I’ve tried bringing my own pillow-case down from London with me.

But it is an insufferable sod. Thinking about it, it’s probably why I had bad skin as a teenager.

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  1. They don't use plug in air fresheners anywhere in the house do they- I had weeks of sniffly, sore-eyed insomnia at the in-laws before we worked this one out.