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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Hello Hello I'm Back Again

And he’s back.

Not sure for how long, though. I’m having a sort-of day off today. I have a hangover. But tomorrow it’s back to the creative typing, I have things I have to write, and will soon have things I have to re-write.

Only under three hundred words shouldn’t be too much of a burden – though it’s one that’s easy to let slide – but it does get in the way. Sometimes I only have so many words in my head, and I have to use them for work. Sometimes I’m finding the work so arduous I’m tempted to blog instead, a temptation which must be resisted. After all, it doesn’t look terribly professional to be asking for an extension on a deadline whilst one is bashing out missives on the internet. And sometimes I’m not in the mood; too tired from staying up late tapping at a keyboard or lying awake worrying about a potential lapse of plot logic that nobody would ever notice.

Whether to go back and fill in the missing days? Too much like hard work. Not sure whether to continue – certainly, if I make it to 2010, this blog will no longer be updated on a daily basis, I’d just end up repeating myself.

I don’t have that much to write; I’ve led a very dull existence over the past two weeks (though marital bliss has indeed been blissful). But, when I get around to it, expect reviews of Inventing The Victorians, Nation, The Table-Rappers, A Scanner Darkly, Collision, Doctor Who And The Waters Of Mars and Balans restaurant. Oh, and expect plugs for my new Doctor Who Big Finish thing, out now, The Eternal Summer. Apparently it’s very good. I haven’t heard it, but those that have are saying kind things.

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