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Friday, 11 January 2013

Savage Moon

Back home in my office again after two marvellous days in a studio somewhere in North London (I’m being vague because I’m not sure whether the name of the studio is public knowledge, not that I’m not sure where it is). It’s always lovely when my words are brought to life by talented actors and I end up sounding like a good writer and this was certainly one of those occasions. You can never tell until you hear the finished product but certainly on the basis of the performances we recorded, we’re onto another winner.  I felt that ‘bloody hell, where did that come from?’ feeling that I felt while we were recording ‘Protect & Survive’.

What was being recorded? It’s announced in the latest issue of DWM. Which is conspicuously lacking in any written material by yours truly, so readers are already declaring it ‘the best issue ever’.

At 6pm this afternoon one of my Doctor Who plays from 2010 is being broadcast for the first time on BBC Radio 4 extra. It’s called Deimos, and stars Paul McGann as the Doctor and Niky Wardley as his companion Tamsin, with a guest performance from the legendary David Warner. Together they face the villainous Ice Warriors. I think it’s a cracking story (director Barnaby Edwards did a fantastic job) – when I first got it, I must’ve listened to it half a dozen times, which never happens – and the adventure will continue on Monday next week with the next instalment, The Resurrection Of Mars.

This web page will explain more. Previously on my blog I’ve written about writing the play and posted the first couple of pages (which are a sort-of parody of elements of the plays Red Dawn and The Judgement Of Isskar, inspired by finding the script for an audio guide in the recording studio unidentified above).

Finally, and most exciting of all, Big Finish have posted the trailer for my forthcoming entirely original science fiction audio series, Vienna, starring Chase Masterson. It sounds truly epic and a little bit bonkers. Again, I can’t quite believe that something so marvellous started out as one of my scripts, written in a wild caffeine-fuelled fever. The trailer can be found here - you'll see a link just below the cover artwork.

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