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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Winter Rose

A new Rose Tyler series! Yes. And I’m writing the first one, The Endless Night.

Imagine my excitement when I opened up an email from Matt Fitton (‘Top secret new series thing’) inviting me to pitch a story for a brand new series all about Rose’s dimension-hopping adventures between Doomsday and Partners in Crime. Featuring not just Billie Piper as Rose, but the return of Camille Coduri as Jackie, Shaun Dingwall as Pete and the legendary Mark Benton as Clive. 

(Yes, I know Clive was killed in Rose. But in science-fiction, there’s always a way of coming back)

I can’t really say any more, although I could describe to you the dance of happiness I did when I received the email. I got up from this chair I am sitting in now and sort of did a Davy Jones-style saunter into the sitting room, where I told my wife I had some exciting news that I couldn’t tell her, and then I sashayed into the kitchen, back to the sitting room and back into my office chair. That was the dance I did.

I had to do another little dance when I got to the point of writing scenes with ROSE, PETE, JACKIE and CLIVE in them. It was so exciting. And so much fun. The characters are so vivid and funny, all I had to do was put them in the same room and type out what they said.

So, please check out the press release here. There’s also a video trailer here which includes a few moments from my story. Yes, Billie Piper, saying my words. Amazing.

In other news – there is always other news – there’s now a blurb up for my forthcoming Doctor Who adventure, The Kamelion Empire. Featuring the fifth Doctor, Tegan, Turlough and Kamelion. You can read it here.

And check out the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine. Not only is there another Blog of Doom – (‘Not as bad as it used to be’) but I’m interviewed about my other forthcoming Doctor Who adventure, The Crash of the UK-201.

It’s all go. Anyway, enough blogging, back to twitter.

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