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Saturday, 11 January 2020

It Always Comes As A Surprise

 I have three bits in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, available now from all good newsagents and as a kind of deluxe special edition from WH Smiths.

My three bits; the answers to last issue’s Christmas quiz, the 27th instalment of The Blogs of Doom (some people thought it had been dropped; sorry!) and an article on the ten greatest Master reveals. It’s to tie in with recent events in the TV series; except, I didn’t know this when I wrote it. I just thought the magazine was celebrating 49 glorious years of the Master or had uncovered a new interview with Roger Delgado or something. I don’t question these things! The other challenge with writing about the ten greatest Master reveals is that there are only really four or five of them; every ‘surprise’ appearance of the Master during the Pertwee era was blown by the character being listed in the Radio Times. Looking back at it, I kind of wish I’d mentioned The Mutants somewhere, as I am convinced the build-up to the arrival of the Earth Council Investigator in part five is there to make viewers think it’s gonna be the Master. 

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