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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Best

Jonny’s best TV shows of 2009

The Inbetweeners Award for Genuinely Brilliant Sitcom:


The Family Guy Award for Sitcom Maintaining Total Brilliance:

The Big Bang Theory

The Not Going Out Award for Suddenly Much Improved Sitcom:


The Sunshine Award for Most Cruelly Under-rated Sitcom:

Krod Mandoon And His Flaming Sword Of Fire

The Thick Of It Award for Most Tiresome Over-rated Sitcom I Didn’t Like:

Curb Your Enthusiasm

The Mitchell And Webb Award for Most Consistently Brilliant Sketch Show:

The Armstrong And Miller Show

The Collision award for Genuinely Brilliant Drama:


The Spooks Award for Drama Maintaining Total Brilliance:


The Torchwood Award for Suddenly Much Improved Drama:


The Sopranos Award for Most Tiresome Over-rated Drama I Didn’t Like:

The Wire

The Top Of The Pops Award for Show Not On Very Much This Year For No Very Good Reason:

Doctor Who

The Primeval Award for Show Most Unfairly Axed:

Pushing Daisies

The Only Connect Award for Most Compelling Game Show:


The Andy Parsons Award for Most Irritating Panel Show Contestant:

Noel Fielding

The Bill Bailey Award for Most Missed Panel Show Contestant:

Frankie Boyle

The Digital On Screen Graphic Award for Single Most Irritating Thing On Television:

The BBC sticking a black-and-white film effect on library footage of Somali pirates

The Stephen Fry Award for General Frussity Mimbleness:

David Mitchell

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