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Friday, 18 December 2009

Haunted Henry

Snowed a lot last night. Icy this morning. Normally I wouldn’t mind, for me weather is something that happens to other people, but today I had to make my way all the across London to Labroke Grove for a recording session. It was a mammoth trek. Particularly as the studio in question is located equidistantly distant from the three nearest tube stations.

All worth it, as I had the most lovely of days. Of course, what was recorded is still TBA and under wraps and Strictly Confidential. Suffice it to say the script was mine, it wasn’t too bad, though I think I did a better job on the first half than the second, but it didn’t matter as we had five marvellous actors who easily disguised the deficiencies of my dialogue and who, I hope, had a lot of fun with it. It should be good. Another thing for me to plug on this blog, anyway. I shall go into detail when it’s announced.

Thinking of how lovely the marvellous actors were, it reminds me of something I heard someone say, it may even have been me who said it. Which is this; as an actor, you never know who might be in a position to offer you work in future, so it’s a basic job requirement to be enthusiastic, warm and patient, and in particular to say complimentary things about the script if the writer happens to be skulking nearby. If you can’t fake that, then maybe you’re not cut out for the greasepaint. Even if the script is abysmal, even if you loathed every second, tell the writer how lovely their words were, and tell the director you had a lovely time and can’t wait to work with them again.

Never mind Hamlet; that’s the real test of an actor.

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