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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Living Dead

The return of the blog. Well, possibly. Not sure it’ll be daily again, one of the main reasons why it lapsed was because I had too much other typing to do, which is marvellous but means it looks bad if you’re asking for an extension to a deadline whilst nattering away about your favourite ABBA album tracks on the internet. And the other reason was that, being busy typing means not a lot of time left to do interesting things to write about.

But anyway, enough excuses, back to the main reason for this blog – plugging stuff. Got a few bits and bobs coming out over the next few months. Which you must all buy. Buy my stuff!

Just released is the box set of Jago & Litefoot ‘Series One’ (and not Litefoot & Jago as I keep calling it). The box set is a bargain at whatever it costs as it features four brand-new Victorian gothic-horror-history-comedy melodramas for our intrepid heroes, pathologist Professor Litefoot and theatre manager Henry Gordon Jago, as brilliantly portrayed by Trevor Baxter and Christopher Benjamin. The characters first appeared in a Doctor Who back in the 70’s called 'The Talons Of Weng-Chiang', if you know that one, and these stories continue in a similar vein; gloomy London backstreets swirling with fog, the clatter of Hansom cabs, colourful characters and grisly deeds. Think Sherlock Holmes, Fu Manchu, that sort of thing.

My story’s the third in the run, ‘The Spirit Trap’ and is all about a table-tapping fake psychic (or is she?) called Madame Vanguard, played by the legendary Janet Henfrey, probably best known for depicting Dennis Potter’s teacher in Stand Up, Nigel Barton and The Singing Detective. I was at the recording and have heard some of the finished product, it sounds magnificent. Buy!

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