The random witterings of Jonathan Morris, writer.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Johnny Remember Me

And he’s back.

After what I am sure has been a welcome respite, I’ve decided to start doing the blog again. For two reasons. One, for the first time in months I’m not filling every waking minute typing three different things on three different keyboards at once like Bruno from Fame. Honestly, I’ve been up til three o’clock some nights, and once even ‘pulled an all-nighter’.

And secondly, I have things coming out to promote, which is more or less this blog’s raison d’être. And if by some unfortunate oversight a day passes in this month without me having something to plug, well, I’ve accumulated all sorts of things to talk about over the past months. Films and plays and pop concerts I’ve attended, albums I’ve bought, books I’ve read, TV programmes I’ve slept through, holidays I’ve been on, exhibitions I've visited. I even went to a Doctor Who convention and had a story broadcast on Radio 4 Extra. It was very exciting.

The main thing I’ll be plugging this month is my new Doctor Who novel, Touched By An Angel, available now from,, or, if you are a burglar, a medium-sized cardboard box in my office.

I’ll also be plugging my new comic strip in the Doctor Who Magazine, and my Big Finish audios, Doctor Who: Tales From The Vault and Dark Shadows: The Blind Painter. And a Doctor Who documentary DVD extra. Plus there are some book signings and conventions I'll be attending.

And, in the absurdly unlikely event that this blog isn’t enough for you, and my wittering on twitter hasn’t driven you to distraction, I’ll also be plugging some interviews I’ve done; at the moment I seem to do as many interviews about writing as I do the actual thing.

The one other thing I’ll be doing is trying to stick to the 300 word limit.