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Thursday, 2 June 2011


Out now in all good newsagents, and due to flop through subscribers' letterboxes at any minute, is the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine.

It contains the usual breathtaking array of features and pictures of disconcertingly rubbery monsters. There’s also a beautifully written tribute to Lis Sladen from Russell T Davies and a picture of Wendy Padbury on page 52 which should possibly have been cropped an inch or so higher.

Anyway, the reason I’m blathering about it here is because it also contains the first part of a new 3-part comic strip written by me, called Apotheosis. It’s beautifully drawn by Dan McDaid, beautifully coloured by James Offredi, and features what I think is my best cliff-hanger yet. It’s the cliff-hanger I’ve been building towards for the last year, the image I started with, all those months ago. The story involves plague robots, nuns with guns, and a spooky derelict space station; so very much in the mould of recent television episodes.

Because I was off-blog for the past couple of months I neglected to plug the previous issue of Doctor Who Magazine, which featured my previous comic strip Forever Dreaming, beautifully draw by the legendary Adrian Salmon. It was quite a tough story to write, for various reasons which I shan’t bore you with here, but I was extremely delighted with the finished result.

Anyway, at the moment I am supposed to be writing the third draft of the next story, so I’d better be getting back to that. Bye.

Additional: Oh, and almost forgot, the magazine also includes previews of my Doctor Who novel Touched By An Angel and my DVD feature End Of The Line?. So two more reasons to buy it.