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Saturday, 26 September 2015


The conference hasn't yet begun but I've already been in the same room as Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson. They came to the meeting of the South East Delegates, an introductory soiree sponsored by our comrades at Microsoft (I always used Windows Media Player, iTunes is rubbish) who provided free wine and nibbles. The other speakers were Peter Kyle MP and Fiona MacTaggart, who both wholesomely thanked all the candidates at the election, particularly the unsuccessful ones. Fiona also welcomed any new members who were present (there weren't many - unsurprising, given that you have to have been a member for a year to attend conference).

Jeremy and Tom both spoke very briefly, as this was the sixth or seventh such meeting in the evening for them with six or seven more on the horizon. Tom announced that Labour now has 50,000 more members which is a cause for celebration. Jeremy made three points. That local Labour parties should be nice to those new members, to be inclusive and to go out of way to make them feel welcome. Secondly, he recounted his own personal experience of the leadership campaign, with over-filled venues up and down the country. And thirdly, he emphasized his opposition to the current Trade Union bill, making the point that it was an attack on all workers, not just those in trade unions, and that after the Trade Unions that Human Rights will follow 'and who knows what it will be next'. He didn't speak for long but I found him an unassuming, natural speaker, talking patiently with no rhetorical flourishes.

I chatted with various local delegates, comparing notes on the exciting events of the last few months, and look forward to the conference beginning properly tomorrow.

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