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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Sex, War & Robots

Continuing from my previous blog, the bits I’d most like to see from the missing episodes of the Patrick Troughton era. And then I must really, really get back to work. Things to do. Stories to type.

Power of the Daleks 1 – Patrick Troughton’s first scene.
Power of the Daleks 2 –  Lesterson demonstrating the Dalek.
Power of the Daleks 3 – The first appearance of a Lava lamp on British TV. No, on second thoughts, the Dalek recognising the Doctor.
Power of the Daleks 4 – The Dalek creatures being placed into the empty casings.
Power of the Daleks 5 – The Dalek laying the cable in Bragen’s office (no telesnaps of this bit).
Power of the Daleks 6 – The Daleks massacring the colonists.
The Highlanders 1 – First appearance of Frazer Hines as Jamie.
The Highlanders 2-  The Doctor diagnosing Perkins with a headache.
The Highlanders 3-  The Doctor disguised as a washerwoman.
The Highlanders 4 – The mutiny on the Annabelle.
The Underwater Menace 1 – The Doctor and his friends being sacrificed to sharks.
The Underwater Menace 4 – The flooding of Atlantis, beginning with the temple of Amdo.
The Moonbase 1 – The Doctor and his friends having fun jumping about on the moon.
The Moonbase 3 – Benoit being chased by a Cyberman over the moon’s surface.
The Macra Terror 1 – The Doctor having his clothes made scruffy.
The Macra Terror 2 – More stuff with the Macra marauding Ben and Polly in the tunnels.
The Macra Terror 3 – The Doctor working out the formula in the pump room.
The Macra Terror 4 – Jamie escaping by doing a Highland Fling (and the white Macra).
The Faceless Ones 2 – Samantha’s amazing hat.
The Faceless Ones 4 – The plane flying into space.
The Faceless Ones 5 – Jamie discovering the miniaturised teenagers.

The Faceless Ones 6 – Ben and Polly’s farewell.
The Evil of the Daleks 1 – The Doctor and Jamie in the groovy Tricolour cafe.
The Evil of the Daleks 3 – The Doctor and Jamie falling out.
The Evil of the Daleks 4 – Jamie and Kemel destroying a Dalek.
The Evil of the Daleks 5 - The ‘human’ Daleks playing.
The Evil of the Daleks 6 – The Doctor meeting the Dalek Emperor.
The Evil of the Daleks 7 – The Daleks fighting in the Emperor’s chamber.
The Abominable Snowmen 1 – The opening scene of the Yeti attacking at night.
The Abominable Snowmen 3 – The Yeti breaking free from its ropes.
The Abominable Snowmen 4 – The reveal of Padmashambhava.
The Abominable Snowmen 5 – Rinchen being crushed by the falling statue.
The Abominable Snowmen 6 – The Doctor fighting Padmashambhava. Padmashambhava’s death. And the mountain exploding. And the real Yeti.
The Ice Warriors 2 – Varga melting the ice to reveal his fellow warriors.
The Ice Warriors 3 – Arden and Jamie being zapped by an Ice Warrior.
The Web of Fear 3 – The first appearance of the Brigadier. And the slide show of London landmarks caught in fog. And Knight opening the door onto the room full of glowing fungus.
Fury From The Deep 1 – Jamie getting stuck in a ventilation grille.
Fury From The Deep 2 – The rest of the Oak and Quill and Maggie scene.
Fury From The Deep 3 – The Doctor and Jamie stuck in Maggie’s foam-filled apartment.
Fury From The Deep 4 – The Doctor and Jamie face the seaweed monster in the impeller shaft.
Fury From The Deep 5 – The foam bursts into the pipeline room.
Fury From The Deep 6 – Jamie and Victoria’s scene in the garden.

The Wheel in Space 1 – The Servo robot!
The Wheel in Space 2 – Zoe meets Jamie for the first time.
The Wheel in Space 4 – Chang’s death.
The Wheel in Space 5 – Gemma’s death.
The Invasion 1 – The invisible TARDIS.
The Invasion 4 – The escape by helicopter.
The Space Pirates 1 – The shoot out between pirates and the military.
The Space Pirates 3 – A bumpy ride for the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe with Milo Clancey on the LIZ 79.
The Space Pirates 4 – Jamie holds off the pirates with a laser gun until the Doctor electrocutes them.
The Space Pirates 5 – Dom Issigri!
The Space Pirates 6 – The Minnow chases the Beta Dart through space and destroys it.

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