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Friday, 24 April 2009

Did You Ever Have A Dream

There is nothing more tedious than someone talking about their dreams, so apply matchsticks to eyelids because that’s what today’s blog is about.

I’m not going to bore you by talking about the fact that most of my dreams seem to take place in the same imaginary city; that’s between me and my psychanalyist. And I’ll save for another blog my recurring nightmare that I’m back at university and I have an imminent maths exam which, no matter what I do, I am doomed to fail because I’m missing a crucial page from my notes. That’s so bleeding unsubtle it doesn’t merit discussion.

No, instead I’m going to test your attention span by talking about that thing where you wake up with an idea that’s come from a dream. Like when Paul McCartney dreamed up ‘Yesterday’. Or ‘Yellow Submarine’, that came to him in a dream too apparently. And ‘No Values’ off Give My Regards To Broad Street, but in that instance he should probably have gone back to sleep.

A dozen times or more I’ve dreamt of something so funny that I’ve woken up laughing. I can’t imagine any better way to start the day. It seems a pathetic-non-claim-to-fame to mention it, but the best example I can give is when I dreamt of a scene in Coupling where Steve was talking about why Jeff wasn’t around any more – because he’d gone on holiday to see the lesbians of Lesbos and had forgotten he had a life to come back to. I mentioned this dream to Moffat and, incredibly, he put a much funnier version of this gag in the show.

And, last week, I woke up with a fantastic idea for a movie. In effect, I’d done a whole day’s work before I’d even opened my eyes.


  1. Yesterday I had one of those dreams where you "come to" but don't wake, so you know you're dreaming, but can't do anything about it. I was walking home, and was a good 20 minutes away, and was cursing the fact that I had to do this bloody walk, when I knew that I was really already AT home, asleep in my bed. Having realised that knowing I was dreaming wasn't going to wake me up, I was just resigned to having to walk all the way in order to "finish" the dream, when I had the idea of kicking my legs wildly at random. It took me several goes to do it, because my body obviously knew what I was up to and was having none of it. But eventually I managed to spasm. I fell over, but also woke up.

    In your face, subconscious!

  2. Ah! Lucid dreams. Some people try very hard to do that...