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Friday, 10 April 2009

Anniversary Waltz

Time to crack open the vimto and parp those party blowers, this is the one hundredth blog! Celebrating and commemorating a whole century of glorious missives about nothing of any great importance with bits in bold at the beginning.

Who can remember where they were, the first time they read ‘Under Three Hundred’? No-one, frankly. It’s not that memorable. It’s not like when we all heard the news that Lady Diana died, we all remember what we were doing then. We were listening to the news.

How long can I keep this going for? A while yet, I’m afraid. For each blog I’ve posted I’ve written another which I’ve put aside for those inspiration-free rainy days or when I have too much else to do. The idea being that if I am killed in a freak yachting accident (which would have to be an extremely freak accident, as I don’t go anywhere near yachts during the normal course of events) my blogging can continue from beyond the grave. Though I haven’t prepared a ‘if you are reading this that means I am now dead’ blog. Maybe I should. Might be a laugh. Might also be tempting fate.

I don’t quite know how many people read this. As I occasionally get responses from people I don’t know, and occasionally people I do know tell me they read my blog when I thought they didn’t, the number is probably slightly more than I think but not as many as I would like. Which sounds about right.

What have learned? I’ve learned that it’s easy to write three hundred words on practically any subject. The only problem is that half the time I end up running out of space and having to stop abruptly before I’ve arrived at any sort of point.

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