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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Ghost Train

“We only went in there to get out of the rain. It was another grey, drizzly days, with this icy wind coming in off the sea. And the whole place was dead. There was nothing to do apart from hang around in the shelters and eat chips.

I was with Nikki at the time. I say ‘with’, I mean, I was her source of fags. She was well fit - when you hugged her you could feel her ribs - but that wasn’t why I liked her. I liked her because she had this funny way of talking, like she was half-joking all the time. Sarcastic.

Anyway, it was only a quid, so we thought we give the ghost train a go. Just to take the piss, you know? So this old guy put this metal bar over our heads, for safety, and we rattled through these rubber doors into the darkness.

It was totally lame. Not even a special kid would find it scary. It was all coffins and skeletons and green lights. And crappy plastic bats. The lamest part of it all was that at one point we even saw one of the blokes who worked there, a kid of about our age, repairing some of the wiring!

And then we were back out in the wind and rain. We told the old guy about the bloke we’d seen – Nikki thought he might give us our money back. But the old guy checked his cameras and there was nobody in there. Then he showed us this newspaper clipping he had drawing-pinned to the inside of his booth, from about twenty years ago. There was a photo of the kid we’d seen. He was the old man’s son. It said:

Fairground worker killed while working on Ghost Train.”


  1. I was a bit shook up, but Nikki seemed to take it all in her stride.
    'It was nice to see him,' she said, smoking another of my fags. 'He looked well, happy too.'

    'Yeah, for a ghost!" I said.

    She laughed. I liked Nikki a lot back them. Not to get serious, I didn't reckon she could ever get serious.

    'Where would you like to be if you had to stay in one place forever?' she said later, shovelling down more of my chips as we waited for the bus.

    She always ate loads but she stayed dead slim, like she was always hungry, but never got full somehow.

    'Just here,' I said.

    'You'd want something to do,' she said. 'You'd get bored without something you'd be happy doing over and over.'

    I said 'I'd be happy just being here, eating chips forever.' I meant it too.

    Just then the bus came through the rain, and that's when Nikki got serious.

    You want one? That's just ketchup on them, don't worry! They've not gone cold.

    Edited for typo and to improve layout (anti-typo coffee still not kicked in).

  2. My characters have taken on a life of their own!