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Sunday, 17 May 2009

People In Europe

In quite an unprecedented development, my top three favourite songs from this Eurovision, Iceland, Azerbaijan and Norway, finished in the top three. Albeit with Norway coming top, but nevertheless I feel this proves that if you were to average out the musical tastes of every person in Europe, you would end up with me – which means that such an exercise would be frivolous and unnecessary.

UK’s dirge-by-numbers came fifth, which proves that this year it was actually a contest about the songs and not merely an exercise in political back-scratching. Apparently. Even though, to be honest, there was the usual amount of countries voting for neighbours and historical allies as there’s ever been. Maybe they should introduce some sort of handicap for countries which have large numbers of neighbouring territories, whereas the UK, being an island, is at a disadvantage because we don’t have any national borders (except around the edge of Northern Ireland) and we have a long and glorious tradition of picking fights with everyone else in Europe. ‘Oi, Belgium? You been eyein’ up my colonies?’

It’s always a surprise quite how many countries are now in the ‘Eurovision’ zone, and quite a few of them seem to occupy that nebulous area (in my mind) between Italy and Greece. You wouldn’t think there was room.

In other news, got to hear to part one of The Cannibalists yesterday. Couldn’t be more delighted. Particularly pleased with the pace and the way the actors have loosened-up the dialogue – I’ve been told my dialogue is too ‘formal’ – and with the sound design creating a suitably menacing and industrial feel. I recall it being an easier write than Hothouse (which isn’t necessarily a good sign – easy usually means you’re not trying hard enough) but the end result is certainly more ‘me’.

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