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Friday, 22 May 2009

Magic Moments

Out now is the Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition, commemorating the fact that there have been (approximately) 200 Doctor Who stories with a guide to 200 Golden Moments. The end result is extraordinarily thick, heavy and impressive, and I suspect anyone who attempted to read all 100,000 words in one sitting would be reduced to a quivering delirium, such is the overwhelming affection and enthusiasm on display. There’s even a photo of Cassandra from The Myth Makers!

A dozen or so entries were written by yours truly. Wherever possible, I tried to avoid describing the ‘Golden Moment’ and instead go off on as interesting a tangent as possible. I didn’t always succeed but I’m proud of the 500 words on Game Theory I wrote for Destiny Of The Daleks and my article for The Creature From The Pit; a dialogue between Douglas Adams, the story’s script editor and David Fisher, its writer. Quite sensibly, it was edited down, but in the spirit of re-heated left-overs, here’s what was cut:

DOUGLAS ADAMS: Just a couple of little wrinkles to smooth out first. The bit where the Doctor’s falling down the pit, page thirty. Seems a bit ordinary, a bit we’ve-seen-this-all-before. Maybe we could thrown in some comedy business?

DAVID FISHER: Er... how about, he’s hanging onto the side for dear life –

DOUGLAS ADAMS: And a sofa appears out of thin air. A Chesterfield sofa!

DAVID FISHER: Good, yes. Or maybe... he pulls out a book on mountaineering –

DOUGLAS ADAMS: ‘How I Scaled the North Face of the Megapurna! By Oolon Colluphid!’

DAVID FISHER: Yes... or ‘Everest in Easy Stages’. But it’s no good, because...

DOUGLAS ADAMS: It’s in Tibetan!

DAVID FISHER: Yes! So he pulls out... ‘Teach Yourself Tibetan’, and then...

DOUGLAS ADAMS: And then falls into the pit! Tremendous!

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