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Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Wedding March

Sorry I’ve been away for a couple of days. I’ll go back and fill in yesterday’s and yesteryesterday’s blogs with some nonsense after I’ve written this one. Basically, I had a thing which was overdue, and I wasn’t going to waste time writing blogs until it was down and delivered.

Random thought. Always hearing about TV fakery, yet they never mention the breakfast TV (or local news) convention of a reporter going to a school at about 7.30 in the morning to discover a room of pupils doing an activity; or they’ll be in a field with some kids learning about worms or whatever. I know, you know, everyone knows that it’s all put on for the benefit of the TV crew. Still winds me up though; it’s so naff and patronising.

Yesterday was the run-through of the wedding, making sure the venue is still in the same place, making sure there’s breathable oxygen in the atmosphere, making sure there are no man-traps on the dance floor, that sort of thing. What’s so stressful about weddings, above and beyond any other sort of event organisation, is that the goal is to end up with an occasion which runs so smoothly the organizers have nothing to do on the day but enjoy the ride. When, with any other sort of event, the organizers would expect to have to do a bit of last-minute trouble-shooting. It’s that element of precariousness which is the problem. But things will go wrong, it’s inevitable, but nothing significant, and so long as me and my girl are there to do the ‘I doing’ that’s all that matters.

And then we have a big party to celebrate – not so much celebrating having got married as celebrating not having to worry about the wedding any more.

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