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Thursday, 17 September 2009


Hooray. It’s my birthday. I am now approximately fifteen years older than I think I am. Still, on the plus side, I’m not dead, which means I am ‘for the win’ over Jesus, Jayne Mansfield and Mozart. Losers. If I can get through another year that means I will have lived more life than Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe.

Am I doing anything exciting for my birthday? No. Not at my age. A nice evening in. I’ve enough goings-out and parties for the next month.

Speaking of which, the big day is now exactly one month away. Terrifying. You wouldn’t think there could be anything left to organise, but no, there is.

Today’s news. Out in all good newsagents is the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine. A special edition in which they publish the results of a survey into which are the best and worst Doctor Who stories of all time. This sort of thing is exciting for Doctor Who fans. And so I’ve written the top twenty countdown thing and a two-page appreciation for one of the stories. I won’t say which one, or where it came.

The magazine also includes the news of my forthcoming Doctor Who Big Finish audio adventure, recorded last month, and not out for a good long while or so yet. It’s called Deimos, because it’s set on the Martian moon of that name, and features the villainous Ice Warriors (who occasionally imperilled the Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee Doctor Whos in tales written by the great Brian Hayles and Terrance Dicks). The cast includes Paul McGann, as the Doctor, a yet-to-be-announced actress as his new companion, plus David Warner (of Tron, Time Bandits and Shakespeare on stage fame), Tracy-Ann Oberman, Nicky Henson, Susan Brown, and Nick Briggs, amongst others.

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