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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Going Underground

One more thought regarding 28 Weeks Later. The idea of repopulating Britain by starting with the Isle of Dogs. Very silly indeed. You’d start with somewhere with fields, away from the disease threat of a built-up area. Like in Survivors but with fewer fairy lights on the stairs. Still, Isle of Dogs exploding. Very cool.

Ran through the Isle yesterday, jogging from London Bridge to Island Gardens. I was tempted to sprint through the Greenwich foot tunnel, like in the film, but by that point it had got dark and I was starting to feel like I was in the first part of a Crimewatch reconstruction. ‘Witnesses remember seeing a fat sweaty man in a Tintin t-shirt...’

Oh, and that bit in the film where they out-run the fireball through the tunnel. There’s no way they could’ve done that in four minutes. And, er, if an explosion is causing a fireball to shoot through the tunnel, it’s going to be causing even more billowing flame to shoot directly across the Thames, even more rapidly.

And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that a poison gas which is clearly denser than the atmosphere would quickly percolate down into the underground. Oh, I have.

In other news, look out for the new E4 advert for How I Met Your Mother, it’s hilariously cheeky, and a marvellous, insane new advert for something called something like ‘Send Us Your Gold’ in which a terrifying, wide-eyed, unblinking Robert Webb look-alike implores the viewer to send him their rings.

We’re currently re-watching GBH on DVD, the old Robert Lindsay/Michael Palin series written by Alan Bleasdale as MBH wanted to watch something like State Of Play. It remains brilliant, with the added bonus that absolutely everybody in it went on to become famous in something else.

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  1. I re-watched GBH recently - there's nothing else quite like it, is there?

    Robert Lindsay is AMAZING - he's got this way of acting, all twitches and tics, jerks and gestures, which he takes to the max in his portrayal of Micheal Murray. He also does it in Nightningales which I am currently re-re-rewatching.