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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Broken Train

Yesterday, in addition to sitting a cat – I have been banished from the flat for two nights – I went for a jog. I’d loaded up my mp3 with every Erasure 12” mix in chronological order (not the 12” remixes – that would be a surfeit of riches) up to ‘Always’; after that things got a bit ‘big fish, little fish, cardboard box’.

Top fact: One of the best motivational tunes to jog to is ‘I Could Be So Good For You’ by Dennis Waterman. In many ways, he invented Britpop.

Saturday’s jog entailed Greenwich park, through the Greenwich foot tunnel (as seen in 28 Weeks Later) and then left around the Thames Path of the Isle of Dogs to Limehouse (chingka-chingka-dink-dink dink-dink-dink!) along to Wapping and the Tower of London. Which coincided with the 12” of ‘Stop!’.

I still had happy legs so considered crossing the river and jogging back home again. Maybe not along the Thames Path, but just straight down the Old Kent Road. But I had a cat upon which to sit, so decided to be sensible and get the DLR back (not carrying cash, but with an Oyster in my pocket).

Except the DLR was only running as far as Canary Wharf, so in the end I had to jog back through the tunnel (still as seen in 28 Weeks Later) and through Greenwich to home. There was a replacement bus service but it was a replacement in the sense of ‘not moving either’ as one of the drivers had developed a preternatural dread of turning right at junctions. Resulting in one jogger feeling a little bit smug as he bounded past stationary traffic making all the people in cars feel a little bit ashamed that even the fat bloke was getting home faster than them.

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