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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Miracle (Early Demo)

As mentioned by Simon Guerrier over on his tralala, the latest issue of Big Finish’s Vortex magazine is out now and features fascinating interviews with me, Alan Barnes, Steve Cole, Lance Parkin plus a ‘What I Did On My Holidays’ article by Simon Guerrier himself. It’s freely available on the internet and there’s a literally real pamphlet version which gets sent out to the marvellous people who actually buy the CDs.

Being interviewed is weird. My main worries are always the photo of me which will accompany the piece (I always hope they don’t use one) and whether the interviewer will add exclamation marks to the end of jokes to indicate that they are jokes. It’s a proper journalistic thing, I know, but it bugs the tits off of me. Makes everyone sound like Paul Whitehouse’s ‘Brilliant!!!’ character. Still, no exclamation marks in Vortex, but there is a photo – so that’s a one-all draw.

Rob Stradling over on his Whispers and Moans made an amusing comment about the fact that one girl survived a plane crash that killed 152 others was described as a ‘miracle’. But whilst I may pay subscription dues to the society for fighting the debasement of the term ‘genius’, I’ve no problem with ‘miracle’ being used as a synonym for a fortunate coincidence or, indeed, for an inspiring medical or technological achievement. That’s what miracles should be; better to disassociate them with dubious feats of religious wizardry.

I mean, if Jesus was a fictional character (if?) he’s barely got the skills to be a second-rate X-Man. He’s so small-scale. He can’t even fly or shoot lasers. He could probably be a minor supporting character on Heroes – Water-To-Wine-Man. Even the resurrection reads like a last-minute tagged-on cop-out ending added to placate the fans and keep the franchise alive.

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  1. Cheers for the mention... and now the rebuttal! ;-)

    I've no problem at all with the word's general use; "Spurs won away - it's a miracle!" etc.

    What makes me homicidal is where life and death are involved, and it's clear from the context that the user explicitly and literally means "divine intervention". How does anyone describing the girl's survival as "a true miracle" explain to her why her mother (who perished) was unworthy of God's mercy? Or any of the other 150 victims? Where was their miracle? Twats.