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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Whatever You Want

Two hundred glorious blogs. It’s a landmark moment. A milestone. A number which is arbitrarily considered to be of significance because it ends in zeroes.

I’ve been a bad blogger. The last couple of weeks, maybe month, I’ve been pulling blogs out of my ‘bottom drawer folder’. I’ve still got about twenty-odd left, including 900-odd words on Why Richard Huish College Destroyed My Life. And, you’ll be pleased to learn, no more pointless pop lists.

If anyone’s still ready this, I have a question for you. Why? And what would you like to read? More reviews? Music stuff? Telly stuff? Observational stuff? More humorous rants? Politics? Books? Tips on writing? Stuff I’ve written?

Thing is, I’m tapping away quite a lot at the moment, work things, so I’ve been putting off the blog until late at night and discovering I’ve run out of words. It’s a principle, maybe a superstition, that in writing you have to put more words in that you send out, that you read more than you write. You only have to look at an internet forum to discover what happens when people write more than they read. It’s like people who talk more than they listen; they’re not learning from the world, they’re imposing their own stupidities upon it. Usually whilst jabbing out an index finger or a lit cigarette in order to make their point.

Still, plenty to write about coming up. I’ve three Big Finish things coming out in the next month or so, plus some others things TBA, a comic strip in the next Doctor Who Storybook – I’ve seen some of the artwork, and it looks stunning, and the story, well, it was a struggle but I got there in the end.

So expect lots of horn-tooting. Taking a deep breath now...

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