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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

She Blinded Me With Science

Monday night telly.

CBBC! CBBC! Yes, it’s Bang Goes The Theory. A programme made out of all the reasons why we stopped watching Tomorrow’s World in the first place. You’d find more actual science in a shampoo commercial. The Gadget Show without the gadgets. Making a science show for people who are not interested in science – waste of time, they’re not going to be watching a science show. Making a science show for people who are actually interested in science – might fall dangerously close to fulfilling the BBC’s remit. “Meanwhile I’m going on board a yacht to talk to a scientist who is doing something controversial. It’s a five minute report and at no point am I going to tell you precisely what it is, or why it might be controversial.” Doomed to failure.

Which reminds me. Why is it, whenever they try to bring back Top Of The Pops, the BBC have it presented by Fearne Cotton and Reggie Yates? That would be like if they’d brought back Doctor Who in 2005 with Sophie Aldred and Sylvester McCoy.

Bing bong. University Challenge. Oxford vs Cambridge. Can’t decide which team I want to lose. Paxman clearly bored.

Only Connect. This week, in an astonishing break from tradition, it’s the geeks versus the nerds. Two teams of dour-faced weirdoes who are greeted with a collective sigh of despair whenever they enter a pub to spoil the quiz for everyone else. Still, lots of fun watching Victoria Coren attempt to engage in humorous banter with the sullen freaks, only to fail because they have no personality to speak of and neither does she, beyond a sort-of head-girlish sneering contempt. Only John Humphreys’ ‘little chats’ on Mastermind are more socially awkward.

Supersizers. Would watch it, but I’ve had enough Coren for one evening.

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