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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Very Funny

List time. I think it’s in David Nobbs’ excellent autobiography where he explains why TV comedy is important; if you’re spending all day caring for the elderly, or digging up coal, or have any kind of a Proper Job, then you deserve a good laugh. It’s theraputic. There was a story a while ago about a US psychotherapist prescribing the Some Like It Hot DVD for depression. And whenever I feel that old black dog kicking at my heels, I think of the following:

Early Doors – The scene where Eddie and Joan ask around the pub whether anyone likes circuses.

Frasier – so many moments, but top of the list has to be Gil’s attempts to deliver his speech about ‘romping in the fens and spinnies’ in the sublime Ham Radio.

Men Behaving Badly – Gary and Tony come home drunk.

Blackadder The Third – The Prince Regent doesn’t know what a rotten borough is and asks, ‘So what is... a rubber button?’ Apparently John Lloyd wrote this bit.

Father Ted – the priests hold a competition on the plane to see who gets the parachutes.

The Office
- big Keith fills out a work-appraisal questionaire.

The Thin Blue Line - Goodie is cross-examined in court and bursts into tears. ‘You’re so mean!’

Yes, Prime Minister – the scene where Sir Humphrey is locked out of the office.

Just Good Friends – the punchline to Daphne’s story about a friend she once knew who had a child out of marriage.

The Big Bang Theory – ‘I’m the swordmaster!’

Help! - Fishing. Dancing. Fishing. Dancing...

‘Allo ‘Allo – Helga inflates a tyre on Herr Flick’s car.

Only Fools And Horses – the scene from The Longest Night where Del and Rodney are being held prisoner. As their captor falls asleep, Rodney reaches for his gun...

Coupling – Jeff’s spiderman dance.


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  2. Hi-De-Hi: The real horse being ridden by Peggy and Spike who are dressed in a panto horse costume:!/the-day-of-reckoning/episode/261420/summary.html