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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Election Day

Today I will be mostly voting... Green. I would vote Labour, but I think I’ll save my last vestiges of party loyalty for the general election.

Might as well add right now that if you’re reading this in the UK, you have to vote. It’s vitally important. It’s proportional representation so not only will your vote count, but – more worryingly - so will everyone else’s and you know what other people are like. There has been too much coverage of the ‘threat’ from the BNP – which can only have served to bolster their support – but all it takes is for people to sit at home going ‘there’s no point in voting, they’re all as bad as each other’ for them to become more powerful.

Should also add, whilst I’m talking about politics European, the Guardian’s recent article about David Cameron’s recent alliance with Urszula Krupa, who leads the Law and Justice party in Poland. Basically, they’re the people your MEP will be forming a power block with if you vote Conservative. Their ‘policies’ include declaring homosexuality a ‘pathology’ and denying the existence of climate change. So if you agree with these views, you should vote Tory.

And just in case you think the Christian party is a fluffy bunch of Dibley-style vicars – they also (unsurprisingly) would ban abortion and are in favour of a health campaign against the danger of homosexuality, teaching creationism in schools, and, bizarrely, changing the law to give ‘witness’ statements precedence over scientific evidence and discouraging the use of the abbreviation ‘Ms’! And the party’s leader co-wrote Sinitta’s ‘So Macho’. The real danger with 'Christian' politics, though, has been demonstrated in the USA – where funding is refused to aid organisations that perform abortions (even for life-saving medical reasons) or promote the use of contraception.


  1. Frustratingly, I haven't got myself on the electoral roll at my new address yet. So if there are tanks on the lawns tomorrow, it's my fault.

    That said, I *certainly* wouldn't be voting Green. They long ago moved on from a liberal environmetalism to full-on eco-fascism, complete with dogmatic resistance to technology and wilful perversions of scientific fact. Just as dangerous as the immigration loonies, more so if you consider how benignly they are represented.

  2. I'm with Rob - Greens were my top choice until their astounding anti-science stance came to light. A real shame, as they are otherwise pretty good.

  3. Bit late for me to change my mind now. Whoops.