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Friday, 12 June 2009

Long Hot Summer

Spent the last couple of days up in North-West London in a studio recording my next Big Finish Doctor Who audio adventure, The Eternal Summer. I’ve been sworn to secrecy about the cast, but suffice it to say that there was an actor called Peter in the leading role and an actress called Sarah playing his assistant. They were both extremely good – even better than they usually are.

The recording went exceptionally well. One of the most enjoyable recording sessions for these audios that I’ve attended (and I’ve turned up for as many of them as possible). This was largely due to the fact that the Moat is a great studio, Toby puts on fantastic lunches, because Barney is a lovely director, and because he put together a simply brilliant cast. Two names in particular will, I think – I hope – get the fans as excited as I was when I heard who we’d managed to get. One of whom had actually been my suggestion – this never happens.

It’s weird going back up to the area where I used to work ten years ago. The Mute Records greenhouse where I used to shiver and swelter is now a block of luxury flats. The dodgy gym opposite is still there – I have fond memories of the whole office coming together to watch the not-infrequent police raids.

So much has changed and yet so much is the same. I’m sure they’ve moved Trellick Tower slightly to the left.

In other news, my dad’s been interview for the BBC Somerset website in his capacity as Publicity Officer for the Somerset Beekeeper’s Association. He tells them all about beekeeping. Apparently it’s very relaxing.

My name has also been included on the list of writers for an upcoming comedy sketch night in London, The Works.


  1. I'm hoping for TB-T for the set.

  2. Oh, I'm an idiot, I forgot he'd done one... (not heard any Lucie season 2 yet),